Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walking in October 2015 -- Pink and Purple

Here is what blooms in our October.  LOTS of Pink and Purple!

Arupos (pink), also known as crepe myrtles.


Jacarandas (purps):

Also blooming and beautiful:

Cuenca getting ready for her 195th Independence Day, Nov 3.  Flags were up for the celebration.

Rivers were up, then they were down...maybe El Nino will be dry here in the Andes, but maybe not?  Maybe too early to tell.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Walking in the Parks of Quito

During a couple trips to Quito, we decided to explore more of the City on foot, a couple walks in a couple lovely parks.

One day, we began at one of the malls near La Carolina Park, and we walked leisurely back to the hotel.

New construction, looks like a big job. 

Pictures of one of the main avenues along the Carolina Park. 


Head Quarters of the Political Party currently in power.

Fun street art.

Blooming trees. 
Carolina Park is huge!  Over 165 acres of nature, right in the middle of the City.

A fun picture of school children, shot through a tunnel.

Another day, we visited Parque El Ejido for the first time. 

We started the walk by getting sunglasses for Rich.  The friendly vendor showed us many styles and prices, lots of choices.

Entry to El Ejido.

A tribute to Eloy Alfaro, a former President of Ecuador and a National Hero.

Covered walkways provided much needed shade on this sunny day.

During these visits, we were lucky the winds were blowing away from the City.  No ash or smoke for us from the volcano or the forest fires.  We were concerned about walking in horrible pollution, but the air was pretty clean for being in the busy City the mornings we were out and about.

There is a very special shade of blue at the equator when the skies are clear.  Breath taking beautiful!
We often say that weather can be warmer, skies can be clearer in Quito, compared to Cuenca.  All depends on the time of year of our visits, but always nice to warm our bones in Quito and enjoy the glorious blue of the sky. 

We think the weather can change faster in Quito, too.  From the special blue to almost instant, torrential rains.  Always wise to carry an umbrella.  Don't forget your sunglasses!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walking in September, 2015 -- Cuenca and Paute

Here it is already September, our Spring in this hemisphere.

It is always fun to see what is blooming, month to month. 

Roses around town are doing great!

Arupo, the pretty pink tree, in bloom all over town.

Some fresnos in bloom.

And more blooms.


Workers adding more dirt to Av Solano gardens.

Workers are also very busy on the new train construction.

Curious street art.

The river levels changed this month.  It is down, way down, in some places.  Officials are talking about a drought, maybe related to El Nino.  Not much rain here.  Well, some rain but not enough.

(These pics were taken earlier in the month.  It is even lower now.)



More walking pics. 

New restaurant opening soon, replacing the former Austria.  Big construction job.


Paute country scenes.