Saturday, August 15, 2015

July and Aug Walking, 2015 -- Flowers and Quechua

A little behind in posting, so we are combining last month and some of this one, to get caught up and share with  you.
A couple videos at the end.

It is winter here in the Andes, but some flowers are blooming at our altitude of about 8300 ft.

Even the citrus trees on the porch are blooming and producing fruit!  Who would have thought they would do that in this cold.  We know our fellow Master Gardeners like to see the flowers, so here they are.

A favorite horse in Paute.

Changing river views, depending upon the weather.  The volume and intensity depends on the rains (or not).

School is out for a couple months.  Here is a cute place for children to keep busy.

One of our favorite burger joints has moved to a bigger location, open soon.

Construction still busy and men at work modernizing city wiring.


The Quechua language is spoken by several million folks in the Andes.  The Incas adopted it as their language, but it is older than that and still spoken today.  Here is some music from Peru. 
This is what Quechua sounds like!

Here is an amazing video on building a bridge, the Inca way.  Thanks, Ruth!