Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friends Come to Visit

Our friends, Loren and Fred, came to visit Cuenca.  We walked them all over the place!  It was fun being able to share and show them our lovely City.

One day we took a ride to visit outlying ├íreas around Cuenca: Chordeleg, Paute, Uzhupud and more.

We started the day at Turi, overlooking Cuenca.


A stop to see the weavers' studio.

Special dye pots and natural, traditional dye ingredients.

Tying fringe.

Another stop to see more crafts.

Admiring the gardens in Uzhupud.


Thanks for the fun time!

See you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2014

August Walking

Here are some fun pics from some of our walks.  Always something interesting and fun to share.

We met these delightful and very sweet little girls in the Square as they were feeding the birds with their Mom.
They loved having their picture taken!

They also were eager to practice their English with us!

We lit candles at the New Cathedral for friends.

A very cute little cowgirl at the Square.

A new cowboy in town.

A pretty courtyard all set for lunch.

A fun bus stop picture...same hat as Rich's.

School is back in session.  It feels more busy in the City.  Fun to see all the different school uniforms again.


There is always something to entertain us.