Friday, September 21, 2012

School Children Brighten the Day

Here are some walking pictures from earlier this week.

We walked to town in some glorious weather.  Always best to walk early in the brilliant sunshine, who knows how the weather will change in the afternoons

We started out by admiring the new underpass and round-about, now complete with traffic.  It is easier to cross the streets on-foot than it was before.


Walking along Gran Colombia, we were totally charmed by these school children out for the morning, too.
Traffic monitors were stopping the busy traffic and helping the kids cross the street.  We took alot of pics of these precious little ones.


Headed on toward town, had to check the progress of the building repairs after the recent fire.
Street is now open to traffic and workers are busy.
We peeked into this lovely Church along the way.  The blue lighting is a nice touch.
First signs of the Christmas Season in the shop windows.
A new roof on another old building.
A good little bread shop, with a good name!
Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Good Day for a Walk

What a glorious morning!  A wonderful morning for a walk.  Blue skies, with a little bite in the air.

We checked on the final preparations at the Round-About which opens to traffic tonight.  Flags going up...

Here's a close-up of the flags.

Workers were busy putting all the final touches on this massive project.  We still can hardly believe that it's opening tonight for traffic!

Here is another picture of the grand statue of Simon Bolivar, right back in the middle of the circle.  We're so happy he's been refurbished and looks brand new.

The landscaping is looking great!

A few shops near the circle are getting all fixed up, too.

More flags.

Here is the stage on Gran Colombia, all ready for the big ceremony concert tonight.

What a party this is going to be!  Music and fireworks and LOTS of people expected to attend.


We continued our walk down Gran street art.

It's tangerine season!  We bought 8 perfect tangerines for a buck from this vendor and her cute baby.  As the season goes on, we'll probably do better with the price. Last year, we bought 12 for a buck a few more days into the season.


Just another fun walk in this beautiful City.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Underpass Opens to Traffic on Monday!!

We can hardly believe it!

The total round-about/underpass project is just about completed!

When this huge project began earlier this year, officials had targeted November for completion...and now it's completing several weeks early.  We are not only *thrilled*, but so proud of Cuenca!

Newspapers target this MONDAY evening for the first traffic.  Then, we hear our President will officially dedicate the project when he atttends Cuenca's Independence celebration in November.

These pics were taken about a week can see it's almost done/done/done...

Building the base for the Bolivar statue going back into the circle.

One of the local newspapers reported that the statue had been delivered to the site yesterday.  We'll be walking this way in the next day or so and hope to get some pics then.

New sod going down.

Good black dirt for landscaping and new sidewalks along Ordonez Lasso.  It's going to be so pretty when the trees and flowers are added.

We're looking forward to the final completion of all this good work.  Workers have been working around the clock for months now.  Traffic has been diverted around the work down the side streets,  our SuperMaxi and other businesses in the area have been patient (business has been down during the construction) and extra noise and dust in the air have made us a little impatient, too. 
We've all been counting the days (and nights).

But, the end is truly in sight!   Yay!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walking Cueva and Vasquez to Calle Larga

Time for more walking pictures...

Some of our readers will remember we've walked this area before.  This is an old, old historic neighborhood that is known for the bread ovens.  We're walking toward Calle Larga and the Todos Los Santos Church (where the first Mass was conducted in Cuenca).

We always enjoy these old buildings with lots of details.

It's a neighborhood in transition.  Old adobes next to buildings under various stages of renovation. 

Here are the pictures as we walked along.

Beautiful old houses in the neighborhood, too.

Some of the buildings are truly projects waiting to happen!





Cute doggies along the way.

Deep lots

Lovely doors in this neighborhood  (and lovely friends).

   Another street scene.

We imagine there might have been livestock behind this door at one time.


Todos Santos Church still under a massive renovation.

More street art along the construction barrier.

You can see there is more to do at the Church.


You can also see the parts that are already done.  Just beautiful!