Friday, September 21, 2012

School Children Brighten the Day

Here are some walking pictures from earlier this week.

We walked to town in some glorious weather.  Always best to walk early in the brilliant sunshine, who knows how the weather will change in the afternoons

We started out by admiring the new underpass and round-about, now complete with traffic.  It is easier to cross the streets on-foot than it was before.


Walking along Gran Colombia, we were totally charmed by these school children out for the morning, too.
Traffic monitors were stopping the busy traffic and helping the kids cross the street.  We took alot of pics of these precious little ones.


Headed on toward town, had to check the progress of the building repairs after the recent fire.
Street is now open to traffic and workers are busy.
We peeked into this lovely Church along the way.  The blue lighting is a nice touch.
First signs of the Christmas Season in the shop windows.
A new roof on another old building.
A good little bread shop, with a good name!
Happy Weekend!

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