Saturday, January 18, 2014

Parade in Cuenca and a Duck in Paute

Some more recent walking pictures to share.

One Sunday we were thrilled to see not one, but FIVE parades, one right after the other.  Each parade began with an Angel on horseback, with the guiding star.  Each had musicians.  Each had horses and a Baby Jesús and adorable children.  All together, the 5 ''segments'' made an impressive one big parade several blocks long.  Fun to watch!

Throwing rose petals.




Another day we walked in Paute. 

At the town square, Christmas decorations included this fake tree with glass flowers and lights.

Lovely fountain with holiday lights.

We struck up a conversation with a woman visiting from the countryside.  She was traveling with her pet duck!  (No name, we asked.)

Gorgeous flowers in bloom.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Av Solano is DONE!

This HUGE Project is DONE!

We have been posting on the stunning progress of all the roadwork over the last 6-7 months.  The project included several blocks of new sidewalks, new bike lanes, new lighting, renovated statues, new landscaping, new roads, new underground utilities and more. 

The grass is already greening up with recent rains.

So impressive and what a wonderful improvement in all áreas.

Last week, to celebrate, the City officials sponsored speeches, a bike ride for hundreds and fireworks and rockets at each intersection along the way.

Cuenca really knows how to celebrate a job well done! 

Viva Cuenca!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sunday Walking -- Day of the Innocents

January 6 is usually celebrated as 3 Kings Day.  Cuenca also celebrates the 6th as 'Day of the Innocents', a bawdy, super-LOUD, super-crowded, super-crazy, over-the-top celebration culminating in a parade of drag queens, pregnant nuns, devils, monsters, angels, made-up creatures, belly dancers, lots of outrageous costumes and floats, often political and often full of laugh-out-loud humor.  It's Halloween.  It's irreverent. It's disturbing.  It's in-your-face.  It's subtle, but always thought provoking.

A little bit of everything, something for everyone....heavy metal and sweet angel voices, one BIG Street party! 

Day of the Innocents has Biblical roots, but Cuenca takes it much further than the story of King Herod ordering the death of all male babies. 

This year the big parade was on Sunday, January 5.


We decided to skip the parade this year.  (For past parades, you can do a search on this blog.) Instead, on Sunday we enjoyed an art show of ítems with the Day of the Innocents' theme.  Masks, costumes and other works of art.

After admiring the outside art, we went on into the museum for more. 

We like this artist.

Really good street art we enjoyed on the way to the museum.  Great talent in this town.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday Walking -- Another Christmas Parade

On our Sunday Walk with Nancy and Chuck, we were so happy to round a corner right into another Christmas Parade!

We followed the music to the staging área.  Lots of horses, children, fun!

We had to take pictures!

As the parade began down Calle Larga, we following for a bit...then took a detour for a cup of coffee and a treat. 

Always fun to see yet another parade of adorable children during the Season.