Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sunday Walking -- Day of the Innocents

January 6 is usually celebrated as 3 Kings Day.  Cuenca also celebrates the 6th as 'Day of the Innocents', a bawdy, super-LOUD, super-crowded, super-crazy, over-the-top celebration culminating in a parade of drag queens, pregnant nuns, devils, monsters, angels, made-up creatures, belly dancers, lots of outrageous costumes and floats, often political and often full of laugh-out-loud humor.  It's Halloween.  It's irreverent. It's disturbing.  It's in-your-face.  It's subtle, but always thought provoking.

A little bit of everything, something for everyone....heavy metal and sweet angel voices, one BIG Street party! 

Day of the Innocents has Biblical roots, but Cuenca takes it much further than the story of King Herod ordering the death of all male babies. 

This year the big parade was on Sunday, January 5.


We decided to skip the parade this year.  (For past parades, you can do a search on this blog.) Instead, on Sunday we enjoyed an art show of ítems with the Day of the Innocents' theme.  Masks, costumes and other works of art.

After admiring the outside art, we went on into the museum for more. 

We like this artist.

Really good street art we enjoyed on the way to the museum.  Great talent in this town.

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  1. Nice post, there sure is plenty to see and do in Cuenca.