Saturday, January 18, 2014

Parade in Cuenca and a Duck in Paute

Some more recent walking pictures to share.

One Sunday we were thrilled to see not one, but FIVE parades, one right after the other.  Each parade began with an Angel on horseback, with the guiding star.  Each had musicians.  Each had horses and a Baby Jesús and adorable children.  All together, the 5 ''segments'' made an impressive one big parade several blocks long.  Fun to watch!

Throwing rose petals.




Another day we walked in Paute. 

At the town square, Christmas decorations included this fake tree with glass flowers and lights.

Lovely fountain with holiday lights.

We struck up a conversation with a woman visiting from the countryside.  She was traveling with her pet duck!  (No name, we asked.)

Gorgeous flowers in bloom.

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