Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 2016 Catching Up!

It has been a long time since we updated and shared some pics.  A lot has happened since we last posted.  Basically we are fine and grateful for our health, happiness and our many blessings.

We did feel the 7.8 earthquake here in Cuenca in April, but there was almost no damage here, unlike the devastation on our northern coast.  It will take time and big bucks to repair the damage.
Our hearts remain with those most affected and we hope the pain and suffering will lessen with time.

Thanks again to all who checked on us, really appreciated!

Fun to go through the camera and calendar to see where we have been in the last few months! and what caught our fancy:

In February, the City celebrated Valentines Day with street decorations.

March marked our anniversary here in Cuenca!  We arrived in Quito March 3, 2009, then on to Cuenca on March 5.  Some friends are electing to leave Cuenca (for a variety of reasons), but we have no plans to move on.  We still like it here.

At a rustic restaurant outside of Cuenca.

It is astounding to see all the changes in the City since we first arrived!  New sidewalks and other construction.  Still construction going on.

Some old buildings have been renovated and saved.

(Scaffolding in the New cathedral to repair the domes.)

(Replacing an old cane and tile roof.)

(New retainer wall and may be a new building later.)

(More neighborhood street work.)

Our new tram is a bit behind the original schedule, but we are hopeful the new completion dates of next year will be met.  All the torn up streets and rerouted traffic are hard on the businesses.

Cuenca celebrated Corpus Christi with over a hundred booths of sweets again the year.  We love to watch the kids check out all the candy and cookies.

Spring and summer brought more blooms and beautiful foliage.


More baby hummers on our porch.

Fun street art.

We found some fresh tumeric in the mercado for our juice and cooking.  We planted some along with some avocado seeds on the windowsill in the kitchen.  May be a little too chilly for them, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will thrive!.

A City race with LOTS of runners one Sunday to raise money for the earthquake recovery.

A peaceful plaza to sit and rest.

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate!