Friday, January 27, 2012

More Street Art in Cuenca

We are seeing so much new-to-us street art around town that we thought we should dedicate a whole blog to it!  Some of it is really good, some not so much, but all pretty interesting (at least to us).

More pictures later.


Not street art, but just had to share!  Our friends have a new member of the family.  She is so tiny and so sweet!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Round-About Construction Progress

This project in our neighborhood is more massive than we could imagine at first.

The work's progress continues round the clock.  Officials have pegged completion this November, just in time for Cuenca's Independence Day 2012.

By golly, we think at the rate they're going, they just might make (or even beat) the deadline!

For those following the progress right along with us, here are pictures from last week.  (This one is of the area where the statue and garden were at the circle.)

This is the 'circle' circle, but a huge hole.

Yes, the construction is noisy and loud and dusty at all hours, everyday, but the end result will be so worth it. 

Especially if us walkers are safer crossing this street and the drivers are able to move through this stretch of road more easily.

(Rebar all ready to go and concrete work is going fast.)

This is the first time we've seen these signs for safety at a construction site. 

Hardhats and boots required.

When you build an underpass, you gotta dig deep! 


A few other fun items to share...

For our cowboy and cowgirl friends, even Ecuador had a mechanical bull for kids to ride!  This one is from the shopping mall in Loja.

Very fun bikes for the can see the little seat in the back for either a toddler or a dolly to ride, too.

We recently had lunch with friends at one of our favorite restaurants, Tiestos.
Aren't these desserts just beautiful?  The decorations on the plates are made with fruit syrup. 

Order 'chocolate temptation', if you want to experience!  It's a combo of rich chocolate and passion fruit. 
So yummy!

Another Christmas Parade today! 

Another cute street doggie.

By Popular Demand, More Pictures of Friends

Periodically, we post pictures of friends for their families who miss them.  It's been awhile since we shared...thanks for asking!

 You can see we're still having fun here!  Many of our readers will recognize these happy faces.

New friends Jim and Ron.

New friends Joe and Trish.

The Fabulous Fabian and Sweet Sonya.
With new friend, Pauline.

Nelson and Grace.

Sy and Ge-Ann

With Tom and Linda.
For more pictures of your loved ones, you can search this blog to go back to other collections.  We've also added pictures to other blog entries.
We'll post more pictures later and thanks again for reminding us!