Friday, January 20, 2012

Walking Av Solano/R. Crespo

Switching gears as we get back to our  Cuenca...

We often walk this area, so much that we tend to take it for granted. 
Wide, tree-lined streets, busy traffic, fun shops and restaurants. 

2 main drags of Cuenca.  You can easily catch buses and taxis on both.

So much to see and enjoy each time we walk these streets.  There is always something fun to share!

Drummers practicing on Av Solano, maybe for more holiday parades.

Street entertainers.

Lovely high school.  (Those are the same drummers.)

You can see the high school again here.  Looking down Solano from the top of the stairs, headed up to Calle Larga.  On the left, Bank of Pichincha (with the yellow stripe).

A favorite ice cream shop on Crespo.

Beautiful homes and gardens.  (Here's our favorite chicken again.)

More Springtime flowers.
Taxi is the name of a liquor store chain.  We love the colorful car!

From an art gallery.

Local doggie.

One Sunday we enjoyed a bike ride passing by.

Along R. Crespo...

More little shops and food.

Grocery store and taco stand.

Hotdog stand and nail place next door.

We hear this place has pretty good burgers, but we haven't tried it.

More pics later as we go through the collection...


We're really looking forward to meeting Mary of award-winning, South of Zero blog fame!
Mary,  we'll see you here in Cuenca next week.  Have fun on the coast! 

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