Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road Trip South to Loja, Part 1

We took a little trip to Loja and Vilcabamba with our friends, Chuck and Nancy, Barbara and Howard.

It was our first trip to this area and we had a wonderful time exploring and enjoying the company of our good friends.  Of course, we took about a zillion pics, just too many to share, but we'll do our best.

(This is a pic of Loja from our hotel room.)

You can also see pics and read more about this fun weekend on Chuck and Nancy's blog here

Chuck and Nancy have visited Loja and the surrounding towns several times, so you can do a search on their blog for even more.

Roads are in great shape on the way, with beautiful scenery. 

We always delight in the diversity of the geography and flora/fauna of the Andes.
The cloud formations are just stunning.

Interesting architecture in Loja.
A style for almost everyone.

Lots of similarities to our Cuenca...2 rivers instead of our 4, 3 main churches instead of our 52, double-decker tour buses, great food and markets, pretty parks, construction projects...

Loja is also surrounded by little towns and beautiful countryside. 

(Double decker tour bus.  Note the 'cannonballs' on the plaza, just like Cuenca.)

Had to stop in Saraguro again...this time to visit with our favorite shopkeeper for more rugs.  We also met another delightful vendor for some fun jewelry.

We'll do this topic in 3 parts, so we can share more pics of the adventure.


Updated Jan 22:  For those who have asked...pictures of the rugs.

The colors are actually more vibrant than the pics.

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