Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Parades!

Day of the Innocents is a huge celebration! 

It wasn't Sunday, but we had the pleasure of walking with Chuck and Nancy during the week last week.  Here are pictures of the City gearing up for the big parade! 

This is a big statue draped in black plastic to protect it from the rain.

Fun masks at the SF Market.

Looks like Halloween!

A vendor selling fun the hot pink hair!

Great mask!

Another 'float' getting decorated.

The Day of the Innocents gets its origin from old Biblical times...but, here in Cuenca, it's a wild and crazy party with lots of costumes, a big parade and lots of folks partying in the streets.

We didn't attend the parade this year, but we're sure it was a rockin' good time for all.


More pics to share...

We love this manger scene at the SF market...not much attention to scale and very 'folk art'.

Dolls for sale.

A better picture of the 'traveling child' Christmas banner at the flower market.


Sunday, we walked again with the Watsons.  We had to check out the construction progress at the round-about.  The workers are working round-the-clock.

Now there is a giant hole in the ground.  The statue is gone, but its pedestal is still there...

Another parade being staged on Av LeMar.

More adorable little ones and their Daddy at the Square.

We ended up at the Kook for breakfast.  Chris sure makes one of the best cups of coffee in town.  And, pretty, too!

A parade just happened to pass us, headed down Calle Larga.

There will be more parades for the holiday season, rolling right into the parades for Carnival next month.

Dancing to the music.

We love a parade, all of them!


  1. Where did you see those beautiful dolls?

  2. About the dolls...

    There is a shop at the San Francisco Market, called 'Casa de la Mujer'. Inside are about 100 little shops, mostly run by women, that promote local handicrafts. Everything from jewelry, hats, clothing, pottery, dolls and more.
    A good place to visit if you're wanting to purchase gifts to take back home, as you have lots of choices in one place.
    Here is a link with the address:

    Thanks for writing.