Friday, January 6, 2012

We Always See Something...

...that catches our eye!  Pics from this week's walks.  Not crowded earlier in the week, probably not everyone was back to work after the New Year's holiday.

Walking down Av. LaMar toward the Square, we zigzagged a little...

A small shop on the backside of La Cuadra apt complex.  They sell a bit of everything.

Costume shop.

Another little tienda.

This wonderful tree is blooming again.

Besides our neighborhood road work, there are other projects in progress.

In our neighborhood, one of the side streets being repaired.  Those yellow things are 'speed bumps'.

Road worker shop on the left, electrical supplies on the right.

A good little bakery with a good name!

Furniture repair shop.

Floor supply shop, nice choices.

Now, here's a project!  Someone should save this building!  (Not us!)

We checked on progress in saving this old beauty...what a job.

For all the Hello Kitty fans.  Stickers on the window.  (Hi, Mom!)

Snoopy for Marji!

Beautiful detail on this building.

A hard-working gal cleaning up ugly graffiti.

Nice art in the cafe at San Sabastian.

Cool buildings at the river along Av Doce de Abril.

Holiday decorations still up.
Headed to the Square...street is almost empty.

Looking the other way...

Street vendors near the SF Market are still selling Christmas stuff.

Still the Christmas season here. Early morning church bells are still playing 'Silent Night'.

Christmas celebrations and parades will probably continue right up to Carnival in Feb.

Shrouded construction.

Another pretty house in the neighborhood.

We ventured into an old restored building/museum near the flower market with a peaceful and quiet garden.

A longer view. 

Flowers for Twila!

More walking pics later.


  1. Daises! Oh my! I love your photos of your walking adventures. I am captivated by all the flowers. Does Bougainvilla grow in Ecuador? I don't remember seeing photos but maybe at lower elevation? Thanks for sharing your adventures. Happy New Year.
    Twila Pickrell, Lubbock, TX

  2. Hola Twila, I just added a flower pic for you to this blog. It's right under the daisies. Thanks for asking. I'll try to get more pics for you in future walks, too.
    Thanks for reading.