Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ruth!

As our US friends are sliding into the Memorial Day weekend, and firing up the BBQ's, we'd like to also celebrate Ruth!

A very Happy Birthday to you, Ruth!

We sure love you and miss you.

We hope you have a wonderful, fun day -- we're thinking of you and really appreciate your friendship and all you and Art have done (and still do!) for us.

You are truly a ray of sunshine.

We're remembering all the really fun holiday/birthday picnics and hope you have a special day with friends and family.  We're with you in spirit!

Today is also a public holiday here in Cuenca.  The Battle of Pichincha is usually celebrated on May 24.  The 1822 Battle of Pichincha was an important one, setting the stage for independence from Spain.

To allow for a 3 day weekend, public officials declared today, Friday May 27, as the holiday. 
 Many families headed out of town for a little r and r.

We hope all have a fabulous, fun-filled and safe weekend, wherever you are!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Short Visit with the Watsons

Our friends, Chuck and Nancy, along with family, arrived back in Cuenca!  We sure have missed them!
They breezed through with son Matt and grand-daughters Paige and Petra, for a too quick visit.

Here we are at pizza lunch.

We were absolutely delighted to do a walk with everyone on Sunday! 

Starting at San Sebastian plaza, headed to the Kook for breakfast. 

Special Ecuadorian hot chocolate.

On to the Square for traditional horse pictures.  We walked around to check out all the horses and decide which one to pose with.  We also discussed our favorite real horses...

Another Hello Kitty fan!

Getting settled on the big black horse.

Doesn't she look wonderful with the traditional shawl and hat from Cuenca?

This pink leather hat is popular with many young ladies. 

Getting settled in on the big white horse.

A new friend.

Matt's hat choice is wonderful, too!

So fun to see and meet everyone! 
Happy and safe travels to all.  Hurry back.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Pics of Friends for the Families

By popular demand, here are more pictures of friends here.  Some are out-takes of previous blogs, some are hints of blogs to come.  We like to share these pics for those who miss their loved ones.  Enjoy!

Chuck, Howard, Jason and Donna.

Jason and Liza.

Musical talent, Fabian!

Rich and Howard.

With Bruce and Charlie.

Eating ice cream.

Holly, Doyle and Ramona.

A Sunday at the Kook:  Linda, Larry, Chantelle, Luke and Frances.
From an evening at the CA Kitchen, celebrating their 1 year in business!  The Evans family and their workers.

Rhonda and Jerry.

Jason, Gil and Deborah.

Barbara, another chocolate martini fan! 
With Chuck, Nancy and Matt.
New friends, Tom and Sharon.
Paige and Petra at the Kook.
Check back in the blog for more.  We post these collections periodically so stay tuned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Av Gaspar Sangurima

Another street, another neighborhood...  We decided to explore Av. G. Sangurima from one end to the other.  The sun was shining and we felt energized and ready for exploration!  It was a recent Saturday, not  a Sunday, but we were ready.

We started out from home, and headed up the hill, past SuperMaxi, on to Av. Lamar.  Lamar is the street with the Punto deli on the corner. Across the street,  new construction...

Had to stop and pet our favorite doggie.

Lamar is also the street that runs along the back side of La Cuadra apt buildings.  More new construction next door is progressing...

Then, we cut up a block to Sangurima, right where the street begins.  The neighborhood reminded us of the 50's, with a some older buildings thrown in.  It was quiet, not much traffic.  Of course, everything looks better in sunshine!

A park at this end of the street, with police presence.

At about Av Tarqui, the curb/divider that runs down the center of the street begins.  This is the curb that several folks we know have tripped over further up toward town. 

At this point, the street starts to get noisier, busier, with more stinky buses and more cars.  The further into town, the busier and noiser it is.  It would be more peaceful and quiet on an early Sunday morning.

More pictures of the street.

A roof garden!

Major work needed here.

Old tin pipe?

Someday we'll have to try this place.  Love the name!

Cute doggies.

Flower shop.

Our walking friends will know where we stopped for breakfast and a break...

After re-fueling and visiting with friends, we decided to not continue our walk down Sangurima.  The hot sun was out, we decided we really didn't need anything at the Rotary Market further down the street, and we headed back to the Square.

We'll walk the rest of Gaspar Sangurima another day. 

Here's a fun t-shirt for sale in a window across the street from CA Kitchen!