Sunday, May 1, 2011

Llama Alert!

We are always surprised and delighted on our walks around the City.  Always a simple way to entertain ourselves.

One day we took a stroll down a cul de sac near the Good Affinity restaurant after lunch. 

A couple of our friends just bought the top unit of this new building facing the river.  The terrace is huge!

The new building next door to the building above.

More pictures of this quiet neighborhood.

Llama alert!  An Easter surprise!  We were down at the river and were so excited to see this lovely pair, untethered, enjoying the sunshine.

A volleyball game was in progress and little kids were playing nearby.

For our friends in Texas.  Who would have thought...

School girls in their casual uniforms.

More pictures coming later.


  1. Where is the Texas Chicken? We definitely need to add that to our To Do list for when we visit down there.

    I'm interested to see how they cook and season it.

  2. Hi Mark,
    The TX place is on Gran Colombia near the Square.
    We haven't ventured in for a bite yet but we plan to, since we're curious, too.
    If you (or any other readers) get there to try it out before we do, let us know!
    N and R