Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Busy Sunday -- Workers and the Pope

Last Sunday celebrated 2 events.

May 1 was Workers' Day and it was also a big day to celebrate Pope John Paul II and his steps toward sainthood.

At the flower market we experienced both celebrations of life.  Folks were marching for Worker's Day, down the middle of the street. There was also a crowd celebrating the Pope outside the church at the market.  Both crowds blended into one, lots of people!
Here are some pictures. First, outside the church.

The umbrellas are the flower market.  The poster is on the side of the church.
Big crowd gathering.

Crowd control.

You can see the marchers in the background.


Pictures from the March.

You can see a picture of Che on this banner.

Marchers also took this opportunity to protest or support the upcoming ballot issues.  Citizens go to the polls May 7.  (Voting is mandatory here, with very few exceptions.)

Another interesting Sunday.

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