Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Those So-Called Bad Days, but Who's Whining

Note from Nancy...

I'm sure that many of you can relate, as I tell you about a couple so-called bad days.  Please don't think that these experiences are because we live in Cuenca...could happen anywhere.  You know...those little aggravating moments.  Nothing life-threatening, nothing earth-shattering, just annoying!

On Friday the 13th, all heck broke loose in the kitchen.  Everything I touched seemed to break!  The faucet  came off in my hands, the refrig and sink were leaking all over the floor, the landline had no dialtone, the computer was all screwed up, the knobs on the stove came off...again, the dishwasher refused to turn get the picture.  It was not pretty.

As we mopped the floor and unloaded the dishwasher to wash by hand (and I whined to Rich), I had to remember that we'd had those kind of days at the Ranch in Oregon, too.  There were the days the high winds down'ed some trees and knocked out the power.  No power also meant no water.  Those were probably the same no-good days Boots the kitty insisted on bringing me 'gifts' birds, lizards, mice...all needing my attention.  And, probably the same days the car battery died and the deer ate my tulips and my allergies turned up a notch and I had to rip out knitting mistakes and Rich was out of town...

Bad days can happen anywhere.

All of these bad moments, wherever you are, do eventually turn to good!  Happy to report, all is 'getting' well in the kitchen!  New, fancy faucet installed, refrig is working just fine (must have been the celery blocking something) dialtone miraculously returned, computer is back (not sure what that was), new dishwasher is on order and the knobs on the stove are back on.  A good day today in the kitchen and I'm making soup!

And, all those so-called bad moments did turn to good at the Ranch, too.  I'm remembering those days that seemed to be all good, canceling out those little annoying moments, wherever we were. 

Everything looks better with sunshine and friends.  Just like here in Ecuador, just like anywhere.

So, here's to sunshine and the good times!  Here's to friends!


  1. Ahh! Fridy the 13th. I got up, put my clothe on and we to teach 7th graders science. I was a little nervous not because I was supersticious but 7th graders??? The day went great!! Less problems that a normal day. I got through it very well but next week is full moon!
    I have to laugh at myself sometimes.

  2. Hola Montels2,
    Good on you for your bravery! I can't even imagine teaching science to a bunch of 7th graders.
    You are my hero and thanks for your service.
    Good luck with the full moon, too!