Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Short Visit with the Watsons

Our friends, Chuck and Nancy, along with family, arrived back in Cuenca!  We sure have missed them!
They breezed through with son Matt and grand-daughters Paige and Petra, for a too quick visit.

Here we are at pizza lunch.

We were absolutely delighted to do a walk with everyone on Sunday! 

Starting at San Sebastian plaza, headed to the Kook for breakfast. 

Special Ecuadorian hot chocolate.

On to the Square for traditional horse pictures.  We walked around to check out all the horses and decide which one to pose with.  We also discussed our favorite real horses...

Another Hello Kitty fan!

Getting settled on the big black horse.

Doesn't she look wonderful with the traditional shawl and hat from Cuenca?

This pink leather hat is popular with many young ladies. 

Getting settled in on the big white horse.

A new friend.

Matt's hat choice is wonderful, too!

So fun to see and meet everyone! 
Happy and safe travels to all.  Hurry back.


  1. Great the pictures. After safely delivering everyone back to their home, we will return to Cuenca on June 8th. Love you and see you soon.

  2. Visits with these two are usually too short. Thank you for the great post, I'm so glad my girls got to spend some time with you!!