Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day Walk -- Construction, Flowers and Cakes

We took a walk in the neighborhood to see what we could see on Mother's Day.  We figured we'd at least have a cup of coffee at the Oro Verde Hotel, stretch our legs a bit and get out for awhile.  Always good to take a walk before the rains in the afternoons.

The new apt building, called River View, on Av Ordonez Lasso is progressing well...

Here's a few shots for those interested in building techniques here.

It's located right next door to another apt building, called the Montecarlo. 

You can see the rebar for the new building is right up to the property line.

We passed a flower shop with beautiful arrangements.

Special Mom Day cakes at the hotel!

We hope all Moms had fun on their special day!

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