Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rox!

A special day for another's Roxanne's Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Rox!!

We're singing in our very best Spanish (and trying to stay in tune and probably buthering the words).

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a tí! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños a tí!
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Roxana!
¡Feliz Cumpleaños a tí!

So make like that other celebrating Princess...put on your tiara and your high heeled sneakers, Rox, it's party time!

Another birthday tune for you...this one from the Brits, in honor of the day...

Here are some pics from our first trip to Ecuador.  Thanks to you and Bob for blazing the way!

Lots of love to you ... have fun!

For our new readers...Brother Bob and Sister-in-law Rox live here on the coast.  To read about their adventures, see their blog here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Exhibit at the Old Cathedral

The Old Cathedral at the Square, now a museum, is hosting a collection of old photos of Cuenca, so we decided to check it out .on Good Friday

The exhibition goes on through May.  Entry fee of $2/each, goes to the continuing restoration of the old building, built in early colonial times.

The photo exhibit is in the courtyard.

A couple of photos from the exhibit to dates on the photos.

 Calle. S. Bolivar.

At the river.

Fun!  We've walked these areas.

This church is one of the the first churches we visited in Cuenca...magnificent statues, paintings and old decorations.  We enjoyed it all again. 

Since this church is now a religious art museum (and sometimes there are concerts), you'll get 2 exhibits for the price of 1....the church and art, plus the old photos.  If you're in the Square in the next few weeks, be sure to check it out. 

There is a poster at the entry of the museum with open times (closed during lunch).

Life size Jesus in the alter area, with his disciples.

Draped in black for Good Friday.

The view fron the alter area, old organ on 2nd floor.

Closer shot of the old organ.

The frame is painted on the wall.

Some old embroidery/needlework on display, too.
We think the hand work was probably done by nuns.
Sewing was considered 'nun/woman's work' in the church, in those times.  Perfect, tiny stitches.

For confessions.

For more info on the Old Cathedral, you can read here:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter in Cuenca 2011

One of our Ecuadorian friends asked us about Easter traditions in the US.  We all had a good laugh as we told about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.  Neither are traditional here.  Our friend thought the traditions were 'strange', but 'interesting'.  Dyeing chicken eggs?  A rabbit filling Easter baskets with brightly colored eggs?  ''Fascinating', he said.
We got online and found this site to share:

We were surprised one day to see chocolate bunnies for sale!  These were at the old pharmacy off the Square, our first sighting of gold foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies in Ecuador.

We have blogged about Easter and Holy Week in previous years, but this year we experienced
Good Friday in more detail.  Last year we caught the end of a parade with no camera.  So, we recharged the camera batteries and ventured out early for a walk to town.

The streets were almost empty, even more empty than a typical Sunday.  The sun was shining!

As we walked down Gran Colombia, we were delighted to come across a parade staging area outside a church.

 Later, we watched the parade go by while we ate breakfast at one of the restaurants on the Square.

The Square was packed with families enjoying the morning sunshine.

After breakfast, we went into the New Cathedral.  Several nuns were leading the Stations of the Cross.  It is traditional to cover some of the figures and decorations with red and purple fabric on Good Friday (to be removed on Easter Sunday.)

The alter is draped in purple at the San Francisco Church near the flower market.

From there, we walked down to San Blas.  You can see the church at the center of this picture (and not much traffic).

Stopped for ice cream at the plaza, sat on a bench and enjoyed the water display.

 This was the first time we got to really see the insides of this church.  Usually it's closed  when we're there and we end up trying to take pics through the gates and windows. 

Ceiling shot.

That purple balloon belongs to a sweet little girl.

It is traditonal here to visit several churches on Good Friday.  We visited several...  all lovely.

Another church at San Blas. All locked up, but pretty from the outside.

(You can see the sun disappeared and another storm is brewing.)

No, we didn't have fanesca this year.  Fanesca is the traditional Holy Week soup. 
On Good Friday, we passed this sign at a little cafe. 
We really thought about having some, but we were just too full from breakfast and we were trying to beat the storm.  Next year.

More pictures at the Square.  

Some entertainment outside the New Cathedral.  These little kids were dancing their hearts out for the audience.  They were good!

A display of paper cranes celebrating peace, at the Flower Market.

We'll be headed out for our Sunday Walk tomorrow bright and early, missing Nancy and Chuck, and hoping it doesn't rain too much.  Who knows what we'll see this Easter Sunday!  We're sure we'll see something cool to report on later, we always seem to.

Happy Easter!


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking Pictures for the Watsons

Since our walking buddies, Nancy and Chuck, are out of town, we thought it'd be fun for them (and any other walkers here in Cuenca) to walk along with us...  We're sure they will know exactly where we were as we took these pics along the way.  We've walked this route many times.

Today, after pizza lunch and a rain-stop, we walked around the corner and passed by these places...

More new construction we've been watching.

Turning left...

Our favorite chicken art.

No more broken windows!

Over the bridge

and up the stairs...

Looking down, past the hippie jewelry for sale...

Left again...

Another left...

Ta da!  Time for coffee!  We had a fun visit with Randy and Karen, along with Chris' delicious apple pie and a cuppa.

Afterwards, we wandered up the street for quick errands, hurrying right along expecting more rain
(which didn't happen, but sure felt like it would, any minute).

Last stop...

Nancy and Chuck, we miss you.  Hurry home soon!