Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Pictures and Stories

We're going back in our pictures from visits and walks around Cuenca.  Here are some random shots and info we thought you'd enjoy.

Many of the ceilings in older buildings have these wonderful plaster designs.  We think this one is probably an original in a building over 100 years old.  We were delighted to see that it's in really great shape for its age. 

Of course, we love the light fixture, too.  Some of you will remember we had a similar one at the Park View Terrace penthouse in the late 90's....talk about a trip down memory lane...Nancy sure loves those rainbow-makers.

We love the details on these old french doors.   Nice old wood floors, too.

This fruit tree is old, a new one for us.  The fruit is called capullito, tiny, dark red/purple like a plum  in color, about the size of the tip of your finger, with a cherry-like seed that's almost as big as the fruit. 

Fabian tells us capullitos are traditonally served in a tapioca drink, seeds and all.  Or, you can just eat them right off the tree.  The taste is kind of like a cherry, but different, and a little less sweet.

They are in season now, and we've seen the fruit  in the market stalls and street vendor wheelburrows. 

The word 'capullito' is even mentioned in the Chola Cuencana song!  The day we learned about capullitos we had to sing the song...over and over and over...(doesn't take much to entertain us.)

If you'd like to re-visit our favorite Chola Cuencana
melody, go to

Click on 'melody', upper left hand corner, and you can have fun humming right along with us.

You can also go to:

(The above link also has fascinating info for our weaving/dyeing friends about the traditional Chola shawls.)

Or search this blog  or the Net for more links to Chola Cuencana.  Many versions of the song out there.

Another lovely facade.  Nice painted detail.

An old adobe wall.  You can see the beams of the building sticking out at the top.  The beams begin the construction for the 1st floor up.  What you're looking at is the foundation wall.

A well-stocked bar...a party waiting to happen!

Our friend tells us the collection of empty beer cans goes back over 25 years or more.

Gutter design, Cuenca style.

A new family of puppies in the neighborhood!  Mom Doggie is so proud. 

We'll post more pictures and stories later. 

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