Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Exhibit at the Old Cathedral

The Old Cathedral at the Square, now a museum, is hosting a collection of old photos of Cuenca, so we decided to check it out .on Good Friday

The exhibition goes on through May.  Entry fee of $2/each, goes to the continuing restoration of the old building, built in early colonial times.

The photo exhibit is in the courtyard.

A couple of photos from the exhibit to share...no dates on the photos.

 Calle. S. Bolivar.

At the river.

Fun!  We've walked these areas.

This church is one of the the first churches we visited in Cuenca...magnificent statues, paintings and old decorations.  We enjoyed it all again. 

Since this church is now a religious art museum (and sometimes there are concerts), you'll get 2 exhibits for the price of 1....the church and art, plus the old photos.  If you're in the Square in the next few weeks, be sure to check it out. 

There is a poster at the entry of the museum with open times (closed during lunch).

Life size Jesus in the alter area, with his disciples.

Draped in black for Good Friday.

The view fron the alter area, old organ on 2nd floor.

Closer shot of the old organ.

The frame is painted on the wall.

Some old embroidery/needlework on display, too.
We think the hand work was probably done by nuns.
Sewing was considered 'nun/woman's work' in the church, in those times.  Perfect, tiny stitches.

For confessions.

For more info on the Old Cathedral, you can read here:

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