Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking Pictures for the Watsons

Since our walking buddies, Nancy and Chuck, are out of town, we thought it'd be fun for them (and any other walkers here in Cuenca) to walk along with us...  We're sure they will know exactly where we were as we took these pics along the way.  We've walked this route many times.

Today, after pizza lunch and a rain-stop, we walked around the corner and passed by these places...

More new construction we've been watching.

Turning left...

Our favorite chicken art.

No more broken windows!

Over the bridge

and up the stairs...

Looking down, past the hippie jewelry for sale...

Left again...

Another left...

Ta da!  Time for coffee!  We had a fun visit with Randy and Karen, along with Chris' delicious apple pie and a cuppa.

Afterwards, we wandered up the street for quick errands, hurrying right along expecting more rain
(which didn't happen, but sure felt like it would, any minute).

Last stop...

Nancy and Chuck, we miss you.  Hurry home soon!

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  1. R&N,
    Yes, we know exactly where you walked. It just makes us miss Cuenca and you guys all the more. Thank you so much for publishing this post.