Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flowers, Doggies and More Street Scenes

We've been collecting pictures again, so today's pictures to share are more plants and flowers, more doggies (for our doggie fans everywhere) and a favorite street downtown.

These flower pictures were taken right outside our apt building.  For you, Art and Ruth, and our fellow Master Gardeners.

Not sure what these are called, but we love the 'wild hair'!

Here are pictures of our neighborhood's proud new doggie parents, we posted a pic on the last blog of Mom and her most cute puppies. 

Here's the Mom. 

Here's the Dad. 

Both are so sweet.  They always come running up to the fence when we pass by, knowing they will get doggie cookies.

Av. Cordero is a street downtown that we really enjoy walking. 

Looking toward Calle Larga.

Lots of little shops and interesting buildings.

Taxi stand on a corner.

Old time bakery.

A lovely courtyard garden.

More green,  looking down from the 2nd level.
We peeked in a shop and admired the old dishes and tablecloth on display.
Love this picture of a little one, all bundled up.
One day we rested on a bench at the Square and watched the world go by.  We usually like to sit across from the New Cathedral, but this day we were on the other side of the Square, with modern buildings.

This is a government building, with lots of foot traffic.

A fun truck.

We also noticed that this building has some stained glass.  We hadn't noticed that before.

A busy corner on the way home.  Taxi is the name of a liquor store.  You can see La Cuadra apts in the background with the arches at the roof line.

We thought these pictures near the Feria Libre people's market in our neighborhood were interesting. 
We took these from a parking lot a couple blocks from the market.  A little bit of everything....old and new buildings, some communication equipment on the roofs, newer vehicles...

A public bath with hot water! 

Dandelions in a little patch of dirt in the parking lot to soften the concrete.

This afternoon and evening, it's raining like crazy!  Lightening and thunder, too.  What a show!
Good for the flowers and the rivers. 

A good day for soup-making, a good night for soup.


  1. We are missing you guys. Glad we can keep up with you two through your blog.

  2. Lovely pictures! They give a real sense of the city.