Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Parade 2012, part 2

More pics, this time at the end of the Parade.  Our friends have an apt. overlooking the Parade route, so these are taken from 2 stories up, looking down...

It was mid/late afternoon, and you can see some kids were all tuckered out at this point. 

Long, long day for them, especially the little ones.
Even Santa decided to take a break and check out the latest fashion magazine.

The gal on the left is holding a little (live and probably terrified) lamb.

The official Traveling Christ Child brings up the end of the Parade route.  It's a fascinating story of how the Parade came to be, definitely a major piece of history for our City. This statue of the Baby Jesus was taken to Rome to be blessed by the Pope in the 1960's.

Military, and some of their family members, escorted the special float with the Traveling Christ Child.

The Grand Finale, with the special, blessed by the Pope, Traveling Baby Jesus!

We hope all of our readers have also had a wonderful, fun and joyful Christmas Season.
A Very Happy New Year to All!

Christmas Parade in Cuenca 2012, part 1

We are having lots of fun celebrating another Holiday Season in Cuenca!
Food (and a few yucks)  with friends and enjoying all the decorations around town. More and more decorations on the streets, malls and homes than in previous years.

 We've also enjoyed all the fairly mild (to us) weather at this time of year here in Cuenca.  No snow! (We love that part.)  A couple heavy rain storms, complete with thunder and lightening, snow!

We had some camera 'opportunities' at the BIG Parade on Christmas Eve, but we did get several fairly good ones to share with you.  So many to share, in fact, we're doing this collection is 2 parts for your enjoyment.  Cuenca is known for this annual event and this year's was as BIG and FUN as previous ones.

We started out the day walking to the Square to see the beginning of the Parade.  Then, went on home for a rest and joined some friends for the end of the Parade.  This Parade goes on for hours, so all children can participate.

The many people!

Angel begins the Parade with the guiding star.

Swirls of colors!

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus getting a round of applause.


Adorable children.

Music, of course!
Lots going on in these pics  You might have to click on them to enlarge for all the details....we didn't crop or edit much.
Beautiful head gear.

Beauty Queen with the Baby Jesus.
Part 2, the end of the Parade, is next. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

City Tour, Part 2

More pics from the yellow bus tour.

We ended up at Turi overlooking the City.  The views of Cuenca are spectacular!


A stop at Turi is about 20 minutes so you can explore the little community and her Church.
More pictures on the way back to the Square.  Art at a school yard.
Flags at California Kitchen.
Back to the Old Cathedral.
Another fun day with the Watsons!