Saturday, December 8, 2012

City Tour, Part 1

We finally rode the new yellow tour bus! 

The Watsons joined us on a perfect day to sit on top one morning.  Not  hot, not raining, just-right weather (but we did need those hats).  We loved being tourists!

The double-decker red buses have been around for awhile and we took that tour a few years ago when we were new to the City. This yellow one is the newest addition  to the fleet. We were curious if the route was all that different from the red ones...It is a little different, but still ends up at Turi for the spectacular views.

Always fun to see the City from 2 stories up.  You can really appreciate all the details on the buildings.  We'll do this blog topic in 2 parts, so we can share more pictures with you.

You catch the buses at the Square,  right in front of the Old Cathedral.  Here's the sign with the latest hours.

The yellow bus has table seating on the first level, rows of seats on the top.  The tour is in both Spanish and English.

You can also get your tickets from several tour agencies around town.

Some pictures as we ride along beginning at the Square.

 Calle Larga.

Looking down the stairs to Mother's Park.
Todos Santos Church.
Inca stonework.
Av 12 de Abril.

On to Av Solano.
Part 2 is next.

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