Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Walking, Part 2

Our walking takes us all over this City!  Always something fun to see.

More street art.


We saw ths one in progress, with the artist and his spray cans.

"Twirlies" for the garden for sale.

The old Miso restaurant is now all painted with white accents.  We're sure someone will tell us what business this is soon.

Broken Bridge under renovation (now all done).

Race tomorrow.

Car repair shop with a fun sign.

A deal!  Buy Ruffles and add $10 for a watch.

A popular radio station.

More colorful street art at LaSalle School.

We're looking forward to visiting all the art venues for Cuenca's Bienal.  It's a huge art show, now open. 

For more info, go to:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Fun Art in Cuenca

Cuenca has some real talented artists.  We love to share their art with our readers.

At San Sebas Café.

On a stair railing.

A new eye clinic.

Along Av Solano.

At the Diabetes Clinic.

New-to-us street art on Calle Larga.




Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Walking, Part 1

Some random shots from our walks to share.

(We'll post the 2nd half of March toward the end of the month.)

Another colorful party shop.

A new-to-us doggie at the photo área in the Square.  This doggie is being socialized, a little nervous and not as laid back as the others.  Still very cute and well behaved.

Carnival is all about wáter:

Water guns for sale.

Wading pools for sale, too.

The Sunday Walking Team (plus Rich with the camera.)

Tour bus in the sun.  Look at all these sun umbrellas!

One day we saw people on the roof of the New Cathedral.  Imagine the view from up there!

Banners for upcoming events.

We can''t get enough of these beautiful blooms!

Anyone know what this tree is with curious seed pods?

The old Miso restaurant is getting another paint job...guess the gold that was painted just a week before wasn't the right color.  We still don't know what the new business will be.

Fancy street treats for sale, children love it.

We think it's whipped egg whites.  These are decorated with coconut, sprinkles, and a cherry on the top.
We still haven't tasted it...not sure our stomachs are ready for egg whites sitting in the sun...

One Sunday at the Square folks were collecting signatures to get the Yasuni oil drilling issue on the ballot.

More construction in the neighborhood, always fun to watch the progress.

Neighbor doggies enjoying the sun.

 Up 10 floors, a wonderful view of the City!