Saturday, March 1, 2014

February's Walking in Cuenca

As we continue our walking around the City, there are always those interesting moments...

Here is the baker at Todos Santos. This wood oven is a couple hundred years old and bakes the best bread.

Another Sunday parade.

One of our favorite Churches.  A beautiful view from a friend's penthouse apartment right in the heart of El Centro.

San Francisco Market.

A very modern building going up.  It will be fun to see the finished job.

Another protest.

The old Miso restaurant is getting a facelift.

One of the old beauties at the Square is also getting a facelift.  We were happy to see progress.


One day the President came to campaign in Cuenca for his Party.  We didn't get to see him, but we could hear his speech.  We were at the back of his stage.  Basically, he was rallying his base.

His supporters included a gentleman with the most beautiful Ecuadorian flag.  It was quilted so the seal was 3-D, just like the one we admired at the Presidential Palace in Quito.

It's cherry season!

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