Thursday, March 19, 2009

YES! We're in Cuenca!!


We're in Cuenca now. A little tardy in announcing that, but those of you reading Bob and Rox's blog already know... we're a bit behind on our news here (but the computer is working ok today.)

See our arrival and some fun shots of some fun activities here:

(Keep scrolling down)

We'll be 'catching up' with more photos and stories soon.

Having just the best time!

Love, N and R

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We made it! In Quito!

Wow, we're here...... and loving it!
Ecuadorian coffee is wonderful and we're waking up to a lovely day... low 70's, fairly clear and no rain.

We got in late last night. And, we got a warm welcome from Brian! He is one of the Canadian ex-pat buddies of Bob and Rox's...also staying at the hotel. What a surprise and delight to meet him! We hope to see and visit more with him tonight.
We learned that there is another Brian here in the Canadian circle, so had some laughs as we sorted it all out. THIS Brian is married to Holly and has an ex-pat kitty... the other Brian is married to Shelley with the cute doggie playmate to Coquita... on Bob and Rox's blog.

Our trip down was shorter than the last...'weather' in SF delayed the flight some, and so we ended up with only about an hr to get the next plane...all ok, no long delay waiting...since we flew out of SFO this time, the connection wait was going to be less than than the flight from PDX (Portland) would have been. Worked out just fine.

Yeah, I'm babbling... we're moving in slo-mo this morning! Actually, we're doing well with the altitude, so far. A little aspirin, a little coffee, MUCHO water...

We're at 9300 ft, moving slow... we'll be talking with the hotel/airline folks today for their very best suggestions and assistance in getting all these bags onto the plane to Cuenca tomorrow. Flying 'in country' is different from flying on an international carrier.....less bags, weight allowed, but I'm sure we're figure it out.

I know we have some pics to post, but need to find the camera....I know it's here somewhere.

More later, N (and R)

Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 -- On the road again!


We've decided to fire up this blog again for our NEXT trip to Ecuador.
We'll be flying to Quito tomorrow 3/3... then on to Cuenca on 3/5 to visit with Bob and Rox again. We're excited!

To catch everyone up on the news since our last trip, last year...
We sold the ranch, rented a place for a couple months in town to 'catch our breath', sold most everything and now we're headed back out...we can hardly believe our entire lives are now in the luggage...


We'll be staying longer this trip and hoping to see lots more of Ecuador and even visit some of the other South American countries. Rich wants to learn to tango in Argentina... and then there is Peru......and, and...

We'd like to thank Shirley and Jim for the FUN send off party! I think we got some nice shots, will try to add some pics later.

A special thank you to Art and Ruth for all the assistance in 'striking the set', helping us will the endless details and taking in our precious country kitty, Mr Boots. We're sure he's a very content and happy-cat, back in the country with all the birds and deer. We can't think of a better place for him and we know he'll continue to be spoiled rotten!!

We'll be missing all our special Oregonian friends and Californian family... and thanks so much for everything...looking forward to staying in touch -- so grateful for email and internet.

Will add pics later...

Love, N (and R)