Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Foot, Still Having Fun


More fun pics from our walks.

This is a nail salon on wheels!  The gals just park in a neighborhood and await the customers to come to them.  Each time we see the van, it's jammed with customers getting fancy nails.

Gals getting their fancy nails at a craft show.

We call this market the hippie jewelry place.  Lots of fun jewelry to check out.

A healer with her herbs (in the black hat).

Here she is again healing.

With Sra. Segovia, wife of the famed artist, Sr Segovia.

Cute animals for sale at the market.

More fun artwork.

Painting over ugly graffiti, yeah!

Colorful aprons and other items for sale.

Entertainment at the Square.

Ladies waiting for an internet café to open one early morning.

We spotted this group posing with their cute doggies.

The 2 Nancy's having fun in the sun.

A huge grasshopper-thing on Fabian's jeans!

Military band one Sunday.

If you look closely, you will see a kitty on the vendor's shoulder.

More street scenes downtown.

Pretty little park in a neighborhood.

Pretty gardens, too.

More nice entries.  We always wonder what's on the other side of the solid gates.



Love the paint job.

Av Solano isn't the only project in town.

Miso restaurant is now closed.  This 'for rent' sign didn't last long.

More nice street art.



Happy US Labor Day weekend, to all who celebrate. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indigenous Protest in Cuenca

We were surprised to come across a protest march and rally today at the Square.

All the newspapers and officials had reported planned events in Quito, but no mention of Cuenca in anything we'd read....we kind of just glanced over the story...

It was a lively, spirited and peaceful group.  Just checking out all the outfits, it looked to be representative of various areas/cultures in Ecuador. 

We love to see democracy in action!  If the people want to be heard, they take it to the streets.  This protest was related to planned oil drilling in the jungle and other important topics.

The crowd passed our bench near the Old Cathedral, then went through the Square and ended up at the Azuay government offices for the rally.

Taking a break.

A family affair.

Ice cream vendor doing a brisk business.

We watched for awhile, then headed on for lunch. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Surprise

You never know what we'll come across on our Sunday walk.

After checking out the progress on Av Solano and headed on to breakfast, we spotted this...


Yeah!  A parade!

Marching against drugs and alcohol.

Here are the Sunday walkers, enjoying the spirited marchers!

After they had passed on down Av Doce de Abril, the streets were empty again. 

Always a treat to walk the (almost) empty streets on a Sunday.  Never a dull moment.