Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indigenous Protest in Cuenca

We were surprised to come across a protest march and rally today at the Square.

All the newspapers and officials had reported planned events in Quito, but no mention of Cuenca in anything we'd read....we kind of just glanced over the story...

It was a lively, spirited and peaceful group.  Just checking out all the outfits, it looked to be representative of various areas/cultures in Ecuador. 

We love to see democracy in action!  If the people want to be heard, they take it to the streets.  This protest was related to planned oil drilling in the jungle and other important topics.

The crowd passed our bench near the Old Cathedral, then went through the Square and ended up at the Azuay government offices for the rally.

Taking a break.

A family affair.

Ice cream vendor doing a brisk business.

We watched for awhile, then headed on for lunch. 

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