Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Phase 2 Begins on Av Solano

We walked on down Av Solano to check out the construction activity at the intersection of Av Solano and Av R Crespo.  This is the big round-about that is the focus for Phase 2 of the massive street renovation project.  Work on this phase began earlier this week.

Traffic has been diverted to side streets and Av Solano was pretty much closed off for the construction.  Almost surreal to walk the street without all the usual heavy traffic on a weekday.  Side streets were jammed, but the traffic police were doing their job in keeping the traffic moving.

Work continues on the sidewalk renovation, Phase 1.  About 70% done and looking good.

New sidewalk going in on the right side
of this picture.  Left side will be done later...that's the walkway in the middle of the street.
Gardening crews have been trimming the trees in the middle section and trimming the grass with weed-whackers.  Looks nice.

This day was so cold, windy and rainy.  Felt like a snow storm was brewing!  (But, we know doesn't snow in Cuenca, but sure feels like it sometimes.) 

Despite the freezing temps, we are glad we bundled up and ventured out to see all the progress.  Work on the circle is scheduled 24/7, 3 shifts, until done in 45-60 days. Major progress already with lots more to do.

(You can still see the statue of Solano in the midst of all this activity at the circle.)

All the old cobblestones will be replaced with asphalt.  Stones will be recycled for other projects.

Phase 3 will focus on the updates for all the monuments along Solano. 

Stay tuned, should be lots of photo ops  to share with you later. 

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