Monday, July 29, 2013

More Progress on Av Solano

Here are more progress shots of the street renovation on Av Solano.

LOTS of new concrete. 

There were cement trucks for the large pours.

New curbs.

Gingerly walking through the construction site (in high heels).

More supplies.


New sidewalk tiles!  With more to go...

Some sections are still working on underground systems.

Textured tile means safer walks!
Bike lanes are also being added.

Our walk on Sunday began in glorious sunshine!  BLUE, clear, early morning.

Bluest of blue skies this time of year are unusual.  Usually cloudy.

Workers were working.  The sky was exactly this color of blue.  Still chilly, but sunny!  Clouds came in later.

Yet another statue on Av Solano on the renovation list for another phase of the street project.

Look who's coming to Cuenca!  He'll be performing in November for the big holiday.

Makes us smile each time someone thinks we live in a grass hut in the middle of no-darn-where...

We think Cuenca is a pretty hip and 'happenin' City!

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