Saturday, July 20, 2013

Street Art at LaSalle School

This school is located kitty-corner to the Ital-Deli on Av Solano.

In the school year, class begins early...we've heard the sirens at 7am. Now, the kids are out for the break.

We've also heard that this school is very popular.  Parents place their babies on the waiting list soon after they are born!

Colegio Hermano Miguel "La Salle" is a private high school associated with the Christian Brothers. 

Students are known for sports and academic excellence.  During the summer break, some students need to attend 'summer school' for extra tutoring, if they don't pass the test to move on to the next grade during the school year.  We see a surprising few students attending classes now...just a handful still in their uniforms.

(The above pic shows the school on the right.  Must have been some taxi association event at the school this day...The parking lot across the street was filled with yellow taxis. You can also see some street construction...(Blue building is the school.)

On a recent walk, we enjoyed street art by local artists along one of the school's surrounding streets, Av Luis Moreno Mora.

We hear there was some kind of student contest for the art that used to face Av Solano.  It was all about safe driving.  Unfortunately, we didn't get pics of that art. 
Now, it's all painted over...Here is the some of the latest art on that wall.


A couple more unlabeled statues in this stretch of Av Solano. 

All of these statues will be refurbished as the renovation of Av Solano moves to the next phases.  We're eager to see who these important monuments represent!
Happy Weekend!

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