Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meeting Eduardo Segovia

We were absolutely thrilled to meet one of Ecuador's world-renowned artists, Sr Segovia and his lovely wife.

His ceramic/sculpture studio is located within the old pottery district of Cuenca.

What a fun couple!  Both have a love of life, both love to laugh and the art shows the enthusiasm of looking at the world a little bit differently...

Mystical beasts, lots of colors, an appreciation of Cuencano roots, with a little Miro and Picasso influence, too. The art is happy, hopeful and just makes you feel good.

Sr Segovia has taught and exhibited throughout the world.  He has an exhibit coming up in Canada.  We enjoyed some of his newer pieces that will go to the Canada event.  All exceptional.

The kilns.

Note the little 'earring' detail on the side fin...

Beautiful, joyful garden. too.  Love this little 'bird' flower.  We enjoyed making the snapdragons 'growl', too!

What a fun, delightful afternoon!  We are already planning to visit again real soon.

ps -- You can read more about Eduardo Segovia here:

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  1. We just learned about him yesterday when we went to an exhibit by the cathedral. Love his work. The exhibit was mostly paintings that were Miro and Picasso like.