Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Parade of Nuns

Sunday we 'happened' upon a parade at the Square.  We're still trying to figure out what the occasion was...

There was a banner in the beginning but we couldn't get close enough to read it.

Then a HUGE banner about a block long!
Lots of nuns and students carrying it somewhere.

Here are the students at the end of the parade.

There was also a spirited marching band (and, yes, they played "Chola Cuencana"!)


The children were having a great time posing for pictures with the cars. 

These cars seem to be more popular than the horses.

Note the girls posing nicely.

Here are a couple busy little boys, taking the car apart.

What you don't see is the back wheel off and leaning on the fence.

Dad intervened right after this picture was taken.

A family posing with the best prop of all!

We weren't the only photographers... this little girl was taking a picture of her parents.

Just another fun and relaxing Sunday.

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