Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countryside, Continued

More pictures of the Paute Valley countryside.
The surrounding mountains are gorgeous!

Flora and fauna.  Paute area is about 1000 feet lower than Cuenca, so generally,  warmer temps
(and more bugs).

Some say that 'everything grows' in Paute.  Good black dirt for the gardens.

Berries growing wild.

Some kind of 'seed balls'.




Ants carrying their bounty.  We call these 'Daniel's ants'.  Our friend Daniel pointed them out to us one day as we were walking down a country path.  So interesting!  We were careful not to disturb them as we stepped gingerly over and around.

Gentle breezes through the trees.



Imagine the birdsong, all day, everyday, in the country.

In Cuenca, you might hear the birds only in the early mornings before the traffic,  construction noise, howling dogs, car alarms and the sounds of the sheer humanity take over.
Nancy's favorite cows.

This pair is going home after a hard day of eating.  Their caretaker 'parks' them on the side of the road or in an open field to graze while he works nearby.  You'll see cows grazing along the roads and rivers in Cuenca, too.

A kitty!

More country critters.

Another peaceful shot of the Paute River.

Less than an hour away from crazy-busy Cuenca, you can see vistas like this!

Clean air, peace and quiet. Clears out the cobwebs and the hurts of the City, softens the heart and refreshes the soul.

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