Friday, April 15, 2011

Back to Walking and the Weather

(2nd post this morning.)

We're slowly getting back to our walking adventures.

Probably one of the most talked about topics and sights at this time of year is the weather.  We have been getting lots of rain and the rivers are roaring! 

These pictures were taken along Av. Doce de Abril in the historic area (near the Adobe rental).

When the rivers are full, it generally means we have no drought conditions and we have power.

One day, the clouds parted and we had a glorious blue sky!  The sun was very intense that day.

Here is a picture through the pretty iron gates of a university building on Av 12 Abril.  You can see the patio furniture.

One day we took a stroll with Bruce and Charlie to buy coffee at our favorite place.

Charlie and Rich are busy talking to a nice 84 year old lady (off camera) in their very best Spanish.

 A street scene near the Square.  You can see the red/yellow banners for the Foundation Day celebrations.
The red/yellow is Cuenca's flag.

You can also see this vendor's dancing donkey toys!
The pink one is dancing poodle.  We didn't buy one, but sure wanted to, they just made us laugh!

Nice plants for sale.  April showers bring May flowers!

A booth vendor's display of colorful jackets, made us think of Easter eggs...

Shoppers outside 10 August market.

Waiting for the bus across the street from the market, on Calle Larga.

Waiting for a parade at the Square.
The sun was so hot and intense that day!
You really needed those umbrellas and hats.  You can see one gal with a folded sweater on her head (sometimes you have to make do to keep the sun off!)

More walking pictures later.


We are saddened by the news of another bus crash with fatalities and injuries, this time on the coast.  Our hearts go out to the families impacted.

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