Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Pics of Friends for the Families

By popular demand, here are more pictures of friends here.  Some are out-takes of previous blogs, some are hints of blogs to come.  We like to share these pics for those who miss their loved ones.  Enjoy!

Chuck, Howard, Jason and Donna.

Jason and Liza.

Musical talent, Fabian!

Rich and Howard.

With Bruce and Charlie.

Eating ice cream.

Holly, Doyle and Ramona.

A Sunday at the Kook:  Linda, Larry, Chantelle, Luke and Frances.
From an evening at the CA Kitchen, celebrating their 1 year in business!  The Evans family and their workers.

Rhonda and Jerry.

Jason, Gil and Deborah.

Barbara, another chocolate martini fan! 
With Chuck, Nancy and Matt.
New friends, Tom and Sharon.
Paige and Petra at the Kook.
Check back in the blog for more.  We post these collections periodically so stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks so much, it is a treat to read your blog and find pics of our kids!! Jeanne Walker