Monday, May 2, 2011

Activities at the Square

We like to sit in the Square and watch all the activities around us. 

We relax, soak up some Vitamin D sun, chat or read a bit, watch the people and the birds, enjoy the smells of jasmine and greenery...It's a peaceful place in the midst of a busy City. 

You never know what you'll see.

A wide variety of folks pass by...just a slice of life.  All on their way somewhere.


Love the shoes!

School kids.

A Nun.

A heavy load...

Young professional women.

A curious sight...

Then we realized where she was headed and what she was all about...posing for a photographer!


This same day last week we went into the New Cathedral.  The Pope has moved!  Instead of the statue at the entrance, he's now located at the alter.  Might have happened around Easter Sunday, getting ready for the Pope's steps to sainthood.

Another Pope statue outside the church at the Flower Market. 

We've been watching all the road and sidewalk repairs outside the New Cathedral. 

All fixed!

Some excitement at the Square the other day.  Booths and entertainment.  Both related to the upcoming vote, with several issues on the ballot.

Lime green is the color of the political party led by President Correa.

You can see the mime and the other entertainers getting ready for a performance across the street.

Voting posters.
We caught this pic of a vehicle parade in support of the President (honking down Calle Larga).

We often catch up with friends at the Square, too.  Here is Holly, with Ramona and Doyle.

More pictures later.


  1. Great pics and commentary.

  2. I enjoyed seeing daily life simplicities pass by your lens, I feel like I too sat on the bench. Ahhh. Thank you!

  3. Catching up on your blog from the carpool lane :). We love the Texas Chicken ... And everything else. Miss you guys!