Monday, May 16, 2011


These are pictures from some of our recent walks in the downtown area.

Love the red legs! 

More street art with nice messages of peace and family.

Cuenca still has pay phones.

Art around a renovation project of an old church, Todos Santos, on Av Calle Larga.

Claro is the new name for the old Porta.  (cell phone company). 

You can see how popular jeans are here.

We like this angel on a school building.

This young lady is carrying a whipped, sweet treat for sale.  We hear it's made with raw eggs.  The kids love it.

A line of booths selling Mother's Day gifts outside the New Cathedral.

A street doggie finding a meal.

The beginnings of a garden at the high school on Av Solano.

We're looking forward to walking with the Watsons soon. 

Safe travels to Chuck and Nancy, who are headed home to Cuenca, yay!  We've missed you guys!

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