Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick Trip to Quito

We have some friends flying to Quito soon.

We thought we'd share some pics of our recent, very quick, 1 day trip.  There is so much more to Quito than these pics, but might give you some idea...

Easy flight from Cuenca, usually about a half hour.

This time we were able to get flights on our favorite airline, Aerogal.  We like this airline because there are iguanas and frigate birds painted on the planes!  You can see the red critter in this picture.

 All the in-country airlines are efficient and just fine.

Clouds in the Andes are so beautiful from the plane.

Not sure if this is smoke?

A volcano, too.

Coming into Quito.

Touchdown at the airport.

The airport was busy with folks arriving and departing.

We did get to a mall in town for another look/see. 

A good sized, modern center with all the fancy stores. 

All decked out for Christmas.

A whole shop full of Hello Kitty!

Shoes for the Fashionista (very spendy!)

More shoes...

Right outside the mall are some outdoor tables and umbrellas.  Also a TGIF, pretty much like one in the US.
We stopped for a cup of coffee and enjoyed the glorious weather! 
It was balmy, sunny and the sky was clear as a bell.  Just the kind of day you dream of if you have to make a fast trip...no rain to slow you down.

Several very high-end jewelry shops in the mall.  Fun to look.

The Sheraton is close by.

Safe travels to our friends and we hope you have a glorious, easy trip to Quito, too!

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