Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Good Day for a Walk

What a glorious morning!  A wonderful morning for a walk.  Blue skies, with a little bite in the air.

We checked on the final preparations at the Round-About which opens to traffic tonight.  Flags going up...

Here's a close-up of the flags.

Workers were busy putting all the final touches on this massive project.  We still can hardly believe that it's opening tonight for traffic!

Here is another picture of the grand statue of Simon Bolivar, right back in the middle of the circle.  We're so happy he's been refurbished and looks brand new.

The landscaping is looking great!

A few shops near the circle are getting all fixed up, too.

More flags.

Here is the stage on Gran Colombia, all ready for the big ceremony concert tonight.

What a party this is going to be!  Music and fireworks and LOTS of people expected to attend.


We continued our walk down Gran street art.

It's tangerine season!  We bought 8 perfect tangerines for a buck from this vendor and her cute baby.  As the season goes on, we'll probably do better with the price. Last year, we bought 12 for a buck a few more days into the season.


Just another fun walk in this beautiful City.

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  1. Back in the States on business, and disappointed to miss the opening celebration. The detour traffic will be a dim memory by the time I return. Thanks for posting the pix.