Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Underpass Opens to Traffic on Monday!!

We can hardly believe it!

The total round-about/underpass project is just about completed!

When this huge project began earlier this year, officials had targeted November for completion...and now it's completing several weeks early.  We are not only *thrilled*, but so proud of Cuenca!

Newspapers target this MONDAY evening for the first traffic.  Then, we hear our President will officially dedicate the project when he atttends Cuenca's Independence celebration in November.

These pics were taken about a week can see it's almost done/done/done...

Building the base for the Bolivar statue going back into the circle.

One of the local newspapers reported that the statue had been delivered to the site yesterday.  We'll be walking this way in the next day or so and hope to get some pics then.

New sod going down.

Good black dirt for landscaping and new sidewalks along Ordonez Lasso.  It's going to be so pretty when the trees and flowers are added.

We're looking forward to the final completion of all this good work.  Workers have been working around the clock for months now.  Traffic has been diverted around the work down the side streets,  our SuperMaxi and other businesses in the area have been patient (business has been down during the construction) and extra noise and dust in the air have made us a little impatient, too. 
We've all been counting the days (and nights).

But, the end is truly in sight!   Yay!!

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