Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walking Cueva and Vasquez to Calle Larga

Time for more walking pictures...

Some of our readers will remember we've walked this area before.  This is an old, old historic neighborhood that is known for the bread ovens.  We're walking toward Calle Larga and the Todos Los Santos Church (where the first Mass was conducted in Cuenca).

We always enjoy these old buildings with lots of details.

It's a neighborhood in transition.  Old adobes next to buildings under various stages of renovation. 

Here are the pictures as we walked along.

Beautiful old houses in the neighborhood, too.

Some of the buildings are truly projects waiting to happen!





Cute doggies along the way.

Deep lots

Lovely doors in this neighborhood  (and lovely friends).

   Another street scene.

We imagine there might have been livestock behind this door at one time.


Todos Santos Church still under a massive renovation.

More street art along the construction barrier.

You can see there is more to do at the Church.


You can also see the parts that are already done.  Just beautiful!


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