Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cotacachi Leather Markets.....

On the road north to the town of Cotacachi.................. and leather.

Finally food. A cafe known to our driver, Coco.

Coco and Nancy had fish. I had a modest
portion of beef. One can see from the pic, it was clearly under 5lbs.

Block after block of find leather stores. Jackets, skirts, boots, briefcases, bags, riding equipment, and wallets were on display everywhere. Catacachi is home of the onlly high school in Ecuador that teaches leather work. The students learn to make all leather products, however specialize in shoes.

We walked around the town for a few hours- A
clean, colorful place with happy kids.

We left Cotacachi driving north and west to Culcocha crater lake.

Inside the crater.......

People making and selling useful wares even in a crater. Where have I seen this done

When we left Culcocha Lake it was late. We returned to Quito with warm feeling about the people and their interesting day to day commercia life. All in all, a good trip.

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