Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sunday Delights

We started out our Sunday walk by admiring these wonderful RED blooms...we have to keep reminding ourselves that just because it's December, it's not winter as we remember from Oregon...

Since there is always something fun to see and do at the main Square,
we headed there.

Feliz Navidad! This is the HUGE decorated tree, right on the Square.
It's not one big tree, but many artificial boughs tied together in the shape of a giant tree. Still pretty!

We wandered over to the flower market and there were dancers and lively music...

Christmas garlands decorate the flower booths, and a nativity scene in a market nearby...starting to feel a little like Christmas!

And, a parade! Lots of horn-honking, RED shirts and flags, LOTS of excitement!

We understand the Cuenca soccer team did something good! We think we heard that the Cuenca team came in second in the City League...Yay Cuenca!!

We think the Team is on the double-decker bus...you can see even the Policia got into the celebration!
The fans were loud, noisy and so proud... Another Sunday delight!

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