Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Walking Av Mariscal Lamar -- Hello Kitty!

Lamar is the street that we often walk to town.  We pick it up at the Punto Deli near our SuperMaxi.
Av Lamar will take you all the way through town to Av H. Capac.  No turns, just keep walking straight.

Here is the outside of the busy Mercado, 3 of Nov.

Lots of grains in bulk in the shops outside the big market.

We didn't go into the market building this time, but we know it's filled with beautiful produce.

This market will undergo some renovations and repairs soon.

Some Lamar street scenes.  We're bouncing around with the order of the pics...but these are all of Av Lamar.

This building needs some work!

Closer to downtown, you can see the more fancy buildings and shops.

An English language school for children.

Great old buildings, mixed in with newer ones.

Generally, the further we walked toward Town, the more fixed up and modern the buildings.

More fun clothes down a side street.

Back on Lamar, a little bit of everything.

As we walked through the neighborhoods along Lamar, we walked the variety of sidewalks...old, new, narrow, safe and not.  Sidewalks and the street are newer closer to downtown.

Av Lamar is a straight-shot to downtown.  On these days, we zigzagged a bit toward the Square or cut up a couple blocks to Sangurima, easy to do.  We really enjoyed the various neighborhoods we passed through. 

Lots of variety:  Old and new buildings, small shops and services, the big mercado, fancy shops and little tiendas.

It's a busy thoroughfare, too.  Best to walk this stretch in early mornings or weekends to avoid the traffic and bus fumes.  Some of the sidewalks are so narrow you'll need to walk in the street, so less traffic is good.

The new light rail will be built along Lamar!  This is Good News ,should replace some of the stinky buses and busy traffic.  The light rail project is slated to complete in 2014.


For all the Hello Kitty fans!  A costume shop!


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