Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sending Love on Valentine's Day

A busy week here in Cuenca....

We managed to get through Carnaval without getting drenched or damaged by water balloons, water guns, hoses, water buckets or any other water delivery system...  no foam either.  Cuenca was almost a ghost town during the holiday as many folks were gone, headed to the Coast, their country homes or elsewhere.  Many streets were almost deserted, so we made a pretty good effort to avoid most of them on our walks...didn't want to be targets for the water/foam games.  Success!

 Residents began returning to town on Tuesday, just in time for Ash Wednesday.  We checked out a couple Churches.  Long lines inside and beautiful music.  It was a family/Church day, a real cross-section of  Cuenca's residents waiting patiently for their turn, as the lines snaked around the Churches.

Today is Valentine's Day! 
Happy Heart Day!

This Sunday is Ecuador's Elections for President and other official government posts.  Voting is mandatory for all Ecuadorian citizens, with few exceptions.  Folks take their voting seriously, no booze served or sold about 3 days before the elections.  The liquor shops did a brisk business today.


Happy RED Day to family and friends. 

For an extra treat, be sure to scroll down to the previous post...another story by talented writer and friend, Magdalena.

To our fiber/crafting friends/family, click below to see some fabulous sheep in NZ!  Can you imagine a 'sheep to shawl' project with this special wool?!

 Thanks, Nancy and Chuck, for posting such great pics for us.


One more RED pic for Patti...enjoy!

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